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    • I would like to thank you and your staff for the very good work. Your quick turn around and thorough data analysis allowed us to accelerate our product launch to meet a vital customer need, and also to identify early-on a significant design problem that we then corrected before launch. I am looking forward to working with you on future projects.

      -Alicia Gauna

    • We’ve always found Renub Research to produce high quality respondents on time and on budget. They understand the challenges of market research in the life sciences industry, and consequently do not oversell themselves or underestimate the resources required to do a quality job.

      -Kouya Matsuo

    • To be honest, the Diabetes report was interesting for us.

      -Dr. Michaela Hagauer

    • Thanks again for coming through on a short notice like this (5 Days). We reviewed the report and find most of the data very pertinent to what we were looking for and useful for our research purposes. You’ve particularly done a good job with the analysis of the overall Vulnerabilities Assessment market and key players. We definitely appreciate your hard work on this.

      -Areg Alimian